3 Reasons Why You Need Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers


Forget what you know about portable restrooms – this alternative is a must at any large event!

Have you ever been to an outdoor event and needed to use the restroom, only to look at the options around you and find that they’re way less than appealing?

There’s literally nothing worse than standing in line for a porta potty and then getting inside with all of those migraine-inducing odors, not to mention holding on for dear life because it feels like one swift wind is going to knock you over.

Could you imagine if there was something a little bit more…deluxe? I know, it might be hard to believe, but having luxury portable restroom trailers at a special event or wedding is totally possible – and you’ll never want to stand in line for one of those basic potties ever. again.

In case you don’t believe me, here are three reasons why having luxury portable restroom trailers at your special event or celebration is the only way to go:

Portable Restrooms Don’t Have to be Disgusting

There’s no rule that just because the restroom is in a non-traditional setting – whether it’s outside for a wedding or grand opening – that it needs to be smelly and gross. Luxury portable restroom trailers are a gorgeous alternative that keep your guests feeling comfortable and freshened up no matter where they are!

Let’s face it, the idea of a portable restroom isn’t the most glamorous concept out there – so why not change that? With Meraz Luxury Rentals, we always want guests looking at a portable restroom trailers without the look of dread on their face and instead enjoy the beautiful details and amenities that each of our trailers offer.


Don’t Detract from Your Event

You put so much time and effort into planning a spectacular wedding or special event – so why skimp out on one of the most important amenities for your guests? When you have the option of using luxury portable restroom trailers, there are no limits to where you can host a wedding or celebration. Love the idea of hosting a wedding party outdoors, without easy access to a clubhouse? A luxury portable restroom trailer instantly expands your venue options.

Of course, when you’re hosting an event, the last thing you want is for those traditional eye-sore porta potties detracting from your overall vision. When you create a luxurious experience, it should extend all the way to your guest amenities!

They’re CLEAN

I don’t think I need to remind you about your last experience with a porta potty – that closed and cramped stall, an abyss that gives you chills just thinking about it. Not to mention the lack of sanitary toilet paper or even seat covers – I could go on!

Luxury portable restroom trailers are the complete opposite of that. Well-lit, spacious with various stalls, an actual sink so you can wash your hands when you’re done with business – there are just so many features that put our luxury portable restroom trailers miles above the standard porta potty.

Are you ready to give your guests a pleasant experience when they need to use the restroom? Meraz Luxury Rentals has you covered! View trailers here.