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Restroom Trailers

Meraz Luxury Rentals (MLR) has found a creative solution to the once dreaded porta potty, a pretty potty! MLR strives to create the most luxurious experience for not so luxurious subject, portable restrooms.

MLR can provide your event guests with the latest in beautifully appointed luxury portable restroom trailers. Ranging in a wide range of size units and model designs, there is a perfect fit for any event. We pride our family owned business in ensuring guests are ever so comfortable with our rich interiors, and lavish environment. Some of our luxurious features include crystal chandelier lighting, full-length mirrors, electric faucets, and more...

Eco-friendly and Luxurious in a portable restroom trailer??? Yes, that's correct! Not only are the portable restroom units luxurious, they are also considered environmentally friendly with water saving technologies, green cleaning techniques and even equipped solar panels.

Whether planning a wedding, fundraiser, corporate party, festival or special event, Meraz Luxury Rentals will provide you with the most luxurious portable restroom trailers and utmost quality of services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our portable restroom trailer services.


"GO" in Luxury 

Take a look inside our luxury portable restroom trailers

High-Design & Function


Our custom portable restrooms are gorgeously designed with a sleek exterior and interior. State of the art amenities include LED lighting, solar power, climate control with air and heating system, built in music capabilities and more.


We are proud members of PSAI

The PSAI is recognized internationally as a credible, authoritative voice providing education and information for the portable sanitation industry. Through the efforts of its members, people can access sanitation in places where it is not otherwise available, and the environment is a cleaner, safer place. 

We as “PROs” (Portable Restroom Operators) follow the Code of Excellence.


The 2019 calendar is NOW OPEN. We are so stinking thrilled to now serve both the Northern and Southern California area.

Beary excited to service the Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain communities starting Spring/Summer 2019. Our pretty potty units are the perfect addition to those beautiful mountain weddings and events! 

Coast to Coast

Who wouldn't want to take advantage of California's beautiful weather for their event?
From Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida, our portable restroom trailers can go anywhere.
Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding, mitzvah, corporate event, social gathering, festival, music concert,
trade show or grand opening, Meraz Luxury Rentals has the perfect portable restroom for your next event! 


“Having these restrooms was so AMAZING! They were better than the ones in my own home, and they kept everyone wanting to go use them! I got so many compliments about how amazing these were! My husband still talks about them and can’t wait to plan the next party!”
— Heather, Valencia, CA
“Thank you Meraz Luxury Rentals—the unit was absolutely immaculate.”
— Vince, Los Angeles, CA
“You don’t think about how the restroom experience is going to be when you attend an event but most of the time you anticipate it to be dreadful. Not this one! This was a cute backyard wedding, with the trailers nicely in front. They smelled nice, looked nice and felt nice! If I had to rate my bathroom experience, I’d give it a 10 out of 10!”
— Tabitha, Laguna Beach, CA

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