How it all started...

Meraz Luxury Rentals was created in 2015 by husband and wife team, Kevin and Megan Meraz. The couple founded the rental company based off of their own outdoor wedding experience and truly saw the need for luxury portable restroom facilities to compliment current trends in special events. No guest at any event or venue enjoys walking into a disgusting restroom situation nor do they have to.

The days of the generic porta potty are now behind us, Hallelujah! The MLR restroom units started as a simple sketch on a napkin in a local eatery. After months of design and construction the first rental (it was a success!) took place on the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles and from that point, it has been full steam ahead. Meraz Luxury Rentals has successfully supplied Luxury Restroom Units from East to West Coast for some of the nation's largest corporations and most luxurious special events & weddings.

Kevin and Megan truly pride their company on 3 principles: being family-owned, maintaining immaculate luxury rentals and most importantly, guaranteeing great personal & friendly service! In the couple's spare time, when they aren't at site inspections or trailer drop-offs, the couple can be found enjoying beautiful South Lake Tahoe or Maui, Hawaii. 

...and don't forget to look for Mr. Rascal sitting in the truck at your next drop off, he is such a ham! (he does not go to all drop-offs, unless requested :) )